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Data Recovery

DriveSavers® recovers data from dropped, damaged, corrupted and traumatized drives and devices including servers, laptops, desktops, iPads, iPhones, iPods, tape drives, digital cameras and removable media.

Brooks Jeffrey and DriveSavers® engineers can successfully recover data from many storage devices and operating systems. Authorized and recommended by leading computer and storage device manufacturers, DriveSavers® recovery work will not void the original warranty on most devices. Trained and certified by leading encryption vendors, DriveSavers® can reliably recover lost data from encrypted hard drives, peripheral devices and software. Stop by Brooks Jeffrey or use the link below to request service:

"We are pleased to offer this new level of service to our customers," states Shannon Brooks, co-owner of Brooks-Jeffrey Computer Services. "As a DriveSavers® Partner, we have access to the most advanced technology available to recover data. In the event standard recovery methods fail, Brooks-Jeffrey and DriveSavers® may be the answer," states Brooks.

Watch the following video to see how the recovery process works:

All support and warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the performance and security of DriveSavers are the responsibility of DriveSavers, not Brooks Jeffrey Marketing, Inc.