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Having computer problems? Let us help you - remotely!

When you're having computer problems, call the certified technicians at Brooks Jeffrey for remote support. Working remotely means you don't leave your home or office and no technician enters your home or office... instead, you authorize a certified Brooks Jeffrey technician to connect to your system over the internet.

Brooks Jeffrey's technicians can work remotely, using password-protected software, to diagnose and repair most problems quickly and safely. And, you're in control of the session - you must grant permission and accept an online invitation for the tech to start each session. Then, you see everything that's happening on your screen and can ask the technician any question you may have. You approve all charges and those may be paid with MasterCard or Visa.

Learn more about our Remote Support. Call our team of certified technicians today at 800.506.8064.

Technician giving training

Dell computer with keyboard and mouse